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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Dogs

Our dog Thammo had had cancer for months, now. This noon my mother called they are going to put him to sleep this evening. He should be sleeping by now. Thammo was the dog who I have known for the longest time. He had an exciting life, I think, a good life. He was hurt a lot, but I never griped much about physical pain; but he couldn't stand being left alone in the house or abandoned. He was so social and diplomatic. I hope saying goodbye to us forever hasn't hurt him too much. Rest in Peace Thammo.

Some time ago we had to part from great dane Chiwa. Before her it has been great dane Rufus II. Thammo survived them both. I also remember parting from old german shepard Anka, mix breed Rufus I and beagle Asco. But somehow Thammo was special to me. The photo above was shot on last saturday, when he was merrily jumping in the fields. But visibly ill already.
I tend not to attend the deaths of the dogs. In some cases my family didn't tell me. In some cases, like this, I'm not in the place. I'm somehow thankful - I don't want to imagine holding him for the last breath.

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