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Friday, May 30, 2008


Submitted: 2d 12h ago:
A submission as a little update on my life, for those who still follow me.

It's been very stressful during the last week - so stressful, that I sleep too less to keep me mentally sane (well, I'm not that sane under normal conditions either, but maybe you know how nerviness grows when your sleep pensum shrinks). Stressful enough even, that so far I couldn't cure the cold I catched almost two weeks ago... which stresses me even more.

I try to take little time-outs to relax a little, after all the uni and job time. So last weekend I went to Erlangen for the international Comicsalon. Also I try to spend some time with my balcony plants and spiders.
I'd love to spend my rare free time photographing - the problem is: my camera and lens aren't working any more, at least not as much as they should for decent photography.
My camera software crashes from time to time, last time it happened even the ON-OFF switch didn't help and I had to take out the battery pack.
On my lens the aperture mechanics are broken. The diaphragm wouldn't close any more and stays open. At F 2.8. But my camera still gets the information that the blades are closing, thus shots with aperture smaller than F 2.8 would be very overexposed and have a low depth of field, which makes them garbage in most of the cases. The solution: set the aperture to fit 2.8 (AV), which at least eliminates the overexposure. As you can see many of my shots submitted here are F 2.8... I love low dof. But, not having the possibility of shooting at F 4.0 or smaller, really spoil my joy to grab the camera and go outside...
The other lens I have (Sigma 28-200mm) I can also use at the largest aperture only, because it's too old to match the digital EOS contacts.

I wonder, if I'm enough into photography and a good enough photographer, that in consequence the buy of a new SLR and lens would be reasonable. It also seems, the amount of free time in my future life will be minimal...

As for the photo: it's one of these shots, I took in the first month I had the EOS 350D and my beloved Sigma 50mm... experimental; no focus, only light and colour. I love it, have it as wallpaper since days...

Nachtrag: Andererseits ist mein schmerzhafter Arm (Ursache wahrscheinlich Photographieren) jetzt seit einiger Zeit weniger Schmerzhaft.

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