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Monday, July 14, 2008

This life's last update...

...on dA at least:

Creepy Crawling...

Journal of me.
I'm a waste. My body and my mind are. Can't take no more...
but still two weeks to go of this nasty semester. Wrote physical chemistry today. The first of six dreadful exams. Tomorrow it is anorganic chemistry, then, Thursday, I'll have to determine stinking fish and count the spurs on wasp's dead limbs to make my zoological taxonomy ticket... Next week: Hydrology, Physics (hooray for experimental physics! mental I say) and finally maths. Again. Maths... oh how I love them... I'm quite obsessive with maths because I love them for their ingeniousness (had to copy that word from the dict) and majesticness (invented that), but hate them for not allowing me to understand them. Weak.

So far for the frontier psycho part of my life update... which I could probably use my journal for. But it looks so shiny and gloomy and as if i had a subscription (which would be a waste on me, like i am a waste on the pretty nice dA v6) and I don't want to ruin it... the journal that is.

My elder sister and my littlest brother (by the name of Benjamin, nomen est omen) visited me yesterday and brought a full basket (cornucopia even) of fresh veggies from my mothers garden. The spider travelled in the salad bag. And had a neat winter night in the fridge. Discovered it today - still alive, indicator non-baled legs, sadly only six of them. I don't know the species. And here again I am of no use. Will fail the taxonomic exam dramatically, epically!
I put it on the pelargonia on my balcony. Which aren't doing me the favour of blooming in rich pinkish hues or something. They are all green. On the other hand I'm glad they don't mock me with their joyous sexual organ-up (like a knee-up, you understand? an organ-up, lol -_-)... you see, at the moment I have an ability to always find the worse in the bad. Other attributes of mine at this time: wasting time on the internet, sleeping with not being recovered after it, being an annoyingly annoying brittle person and all the stuff it needs and needed to ruin my summer...

wow, somehow it's very freeing to write all that stuff down in my poor, perfectible English... apologies. It's a lot, too. I'm honestly astonished. Wanted to tell you the Tale of the Fridgespider... uhm, ended up typing a bit more... please don't mind it. And dare you comment on it. Or the crappy crap of a photograph...

Hope you are all well. And, uhm, buy prints. They are cheap, notably for euro country dwellers. Seriously.

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