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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moor Mon Amour

Meine Liebe Moor

deviantART, 17. August 2008:

Back from a four-day trip to Mecklenburg with my brother. Back from the Shire XD

Seriously, the Mecklenburg Lake District is one of the most beautiful landscapes to me. I haven't seen much of the world admittedly. But I can't get enough of those forests, moors, lakes and little agriculture inbetween.
I wish I had had a wide-angle lens with me... all my 500 photos cannot really express the shape of this landscape or my view on it.

The photo shows a little silted up bog in a late state of succession. Due to decreases in yearly precipitation in eastern Germany many bogs and moors are drying and sagging.
Usually the large clot of sphagnum swims in the water that filled a kettle or depression. When the water level is sinking, the clot sags down, the entrance - that is usually not easily passable because of deep water and slush - is now easy to go through. Large animals enter the moor and destroy it more.

I remember, that, ten years ago I sank up to the hips in the entrance... it was a horrible experience. But to me a somehow attractive kind of danger...

Beech and birch forests are the most beautiful in summer... see another picture here: Where I come from

Thank you for your attention (:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Balance Point Balance

deviantArt, 5. August 2008:

Searched my files for something bright and summerly to show you. My recent deviations have been quite dark. I have thousands of flower photos, but I bet you wouldn't want to see them. So I dug up this damselfly photograph from summer 2006, happy times, when my camera was still working right.

no frame, because neither white nor black fits it
square, because I messed up the composition when shooting
on a further notice I suck at photography and everything oh so nice about my gallery is just coincidence...

White-legged Damselfly on some cereal grass...

Friday, August 15, 2008


deviantArt, 29. Juli 2008:

Yesterday I discovered that the Berlin government quarter is systematicly structured repetitivly... (someone help me with that sentence construction, please)...
I could post a dozen of examples - multiple repetitions, too. Repetitions are easy to produce, but not always so neatly arranged as there round the Spree. So come around there, if you visit Berlin.

In real I wanted to photograph some nature in my newly won freetime (semester is finally over). But it's way to hot outside. Good for insects, not good for insect photographers... also my lens is yet broken. I wonder, if I buy the same lens again, since it dropped in price and I was always very pleased with the sharpness and brightness... on the other hand I could save the money for my driver's license or holidays in the south, when it's winter... decisions, decisions...

Hope you all have a nice summer. And please don't mind my absence from dA... or my ~... or all the '...' I'm typing... I just can't get out of my student's routine of not being able to concentrate on anything - not even the fun things... lol

And I'm using my 'artist's comments' as journal until I have my asterisk back... (< tittles... love that word)...