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Friday, August 15, 2008


deviantArt, 29. Juli 2008:

Yesterday I discovered that the Berlin government quarter is systematicly structured repetitivly... (someone help me with that sentence construction, please)...
I could post a dozen of examples - multiple repetitions, too. Repetitions are easy to produce, but not always so neatly arranged as there round the Spree. So come around there, if you visit Berlin.

In real I wanted to photograph some nature in my newly won freetime (semester is finally over). But it's way to hot outside. Good for insects, not good for insect photographers... also my lens is yet broken. I wonder, if I buy the same lens again, since it dropped in price and I was always very pleased with the sharpness and brightness... on the other hand I could save the money for my driver's license or holidays in the south, when it's winter... decisions, decisions...

Hope you all have a nice summer. And please don't mind my absence from dA... or my ~... or all the '...' I'm typing... I just can't get out of my student's routine of not being able to concentrate on anything - not even the fun things... lol

And I'm using my 'artist's comments' as journal until I have my asterisk back... (< tittles... love that word)...

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