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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

google and wikipedia

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When I do a spontaneous project I mostly consider the internet for reference.
This time I want to paint a piece of furniture in the style of wall pictures as they can be seen in japanese publich bath houses, so called sentō. The mostly depict the Fujisan, the highest japanese mountain.
I once saw a tv documentary about a painter who lived from painting these sentō walls, that's how I knew about it.
So to freshen up my mental image of such a painting, I let google search it for me. With sparse results... (keywords: sento fujisan)
When I typed in 銭湯 富士山 (the same keywords in kanji) I got a more satisfying cluster of results. (I used wikipedia to translate. And used .co.uk just for fun.)

click to see larger image
That's what I made out of it until now... the skype-blue proved very resistent to thinning yesterday, so it's a pretty much blocked-in-only color...

To do:
- greying the fujisan
- refining needles and grass
- shading the trunk and branches
- adding more trees on lower edge
- maybe adding some more clouds to break the blueblock-sky?

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