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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

colouring of manga outlines by elma

I coloured this beautiful lineart by elma.

It's worth mentioning that aside from my flatting job for trenchmaker this was my most elaborate work in months.

The finished piece. It's watercolour on A5 Winsor&Newton Smooth Surface Cartridge Pad, 220g/m², slightly yellow. The lines were printed with laser printer.

I wanted the figure to brightly pop out from the background. I had put up the masking fluid weeks before and then buried the sheet under a pile of paper. I know, one should not let the masking fluid be on the paper too long. Two days maximun and stuff, they are saying.
Well, after the wash it peeled off the paper quite nice. But it took some of the printer toner with it, so I lost line detail on crucial areas...

Before the wash I had taped the sheet to my wooden table. Plus point: the paper doesn't go all wavy (so much). Minus point: you can't turn the thing.
Big pic: work in progress
Small pics: details

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