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Sunday, February 13, 2011

digital sketch dump and ew creature 'design'

The following was an activity challenge on conceptart, the given topic was "Born Bad". I paste my creature description that is required with the submission:

Concept: Wasteland Autovescer

The wasteland autovescer Nemolynx autovescus, native to almost all M-class planets of the galaxy rim, is the largest carnivorous land vertebrate to dwell stony and meager wastelands all over the planet. Particularly sparse hills and plateaus offer only very few hunting opportunities. To avoid the starving of a newborn autovescer, two cubs develop in the mother's belly, of which one is underdeveloped and not meant to grow up. The other cub, born alive with a taste for fresh blood will feast on its sibling while the mother is still licking it dry.

I think the concept is totally alright, but my execution sucks. *gets to work on it*

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