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Sunday, September 18, 2011

1442 pages

I had a book buying frenzy and I'm very pleased with my purchases!

Rien Poortvliet - Dogs, an artbook I've known since my childhood and wanted for years. A wonderful piece of literature for every friend of dogs and traditional painting.

Carter Goodrich - Say Hello to Zorro!, the newest hit of the character designer of Ratatouille and Open Season (and many more awesome animations). There will be more stories of Mr Bud and Zorro, our protagonists from this book. Can't wait for them!

Hm, which one next...?

Richard E. Williams - The Animator's Survival Kit. Just out of interest, maybe I want to do some animation, I searched for the best book for beginners and everyone recommended me this one. It's huge (392 out of my 1442 pages); contentwise, too.

The next two I haven't read completely yet. I bought them because I love the authors' way of storytelling (and drawing of course!).

Craig Thompson - Habibi consists of 672 pages of beautiful ink drawings by the author of Blankets. He worked years on this tome and it was all worth it! Although Blankets was one of the main reasons I bought Habibi I'm irritated that "author of Blankets" is printed on this beautiful cover (dark and bright red with gold (!) embossing). Very subtly though...
and by the way, the price is hilarious for a book with such high quality binding and printing (and size)!

Luke Pearson - Everything We Miss. Another sad and beautiful comic (yes, I use this word even if it's not comedy. 'Graphic Novel' leaves a bad taste in my mouth). Only bad thing I can find about it: it stinks. Hope the smell goes away. (Optic and haptic experience makes up for it though. Great paper, spot colour, love it!)

Luke Pearson - Hildafolk. Can't say much about it, but "love it!" :D Instead I link you to his website and particularly to his comic Some People which made me a fan.

Jean David Morvan (Author), Philippe Buchet (Illustrator) - Sillage 1 has gorgeous artwork, awesome storytelling, strong characters... a perfect comic. Hearsay is that Sillage is continously great. Wish I had the money...

And with that I close. There are so many superb printed things out there. Wish I had more money :D
But for now I should finish these pages. And the Game of Thrones books (by George R. R. Martin) I afforded months ago, but hadn't had the time to read. I'm not a bookworm (more into optics, thus comics) and I exspected some light fantasy, but got a brilliantly intricate story instead.

Ah, and speaking of money. Despite the fact that I had to pay £11.41 for delivery and taxes on my order of four of these books from amazon.co.uk I still spent way less money than if I had bought the books from amazon.de where delivery would have been free (I live in Germany).

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