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Thursday, September 29, 2011

watercolour sketches

I love watercolour. You can't do almost anything wrong with it. If you're good you can make it look incredibly clean and regular, or the other way around let the paint and water do the job on their own and control nothing.
My current handling of watercolour is something inbetween. I want to try both loosening up and fully control the medium. Uhm, but better not at once.

Here are some new sketches.

I doodled a bit on this sheet of watercolour paper. The hydrangea and the dog in the grass were done with watercolour pencils.

My favourite is this ...fantasy flower. It looks pleasant although the colours are all 'wrong'. Maybe I will explore this colourfulness a bit more..


Anonymous said...

Das ist unglaublich schön!
Besonders der Apfel (das Blatt ... und die Farben ...) und das Wiesel (?) gefallen mir sehr, sehr gut.

Wirklich wunderschön ... :)

Zeitwolf said...

Danke dir! Ich freu mich, dass es dir gefällt. Also falls du irgendwann mal Illus zu deinen Texten brauchst... ;-)

Anonymous said...

YEAH. Dann werde ich mich melden. ;) Danke dir! :)