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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Drizzt Do'Urden

I was a little afraid of this painting, but once I started I somehow got into the flow.

First I made some perspective drawings - I always thought, perspective was scary, but there are only a few rules you need to follow and everything will be fine. I the studies I only used one-point perspective, but for the image it looked better with three-point. Working digitally is again really wonderful in this regard.

When I had my grids and rough castle design, the next tricky thing was the character's pose, I really struggled with it like "how did he get up there?" "is it even possible to stand on such a sloping roof?"... etc. I had to correct this and that in the later phase when I rendered Drizzt. Had to resize him drastically to make it look less ridiculous.

I screwed up the composition, but didn't want to begin anew. In the end I tried to fix it by mirroring the picture (thank gods, he has a symmetrical design!) and choosing a more narrow crop.

I'm particularly happy with the character and his cloak and swords, though I never read the books or played Dungeons&Dragons. I could only draw him with the help of the still-SOPA-free Internet.

I used no textures and almost no special brushes in this, mostly I switched between two standard brushes.

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