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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinup WIP

Cleaning up my stuff from last year, I found this piece I wanted to post here since I finished it, but not without the work in progress. It was my most elaborate painting in 2011 and I strictly used one method. Usually tend to draw and paint chaotically, no matter if foreground or background, detail or not, adding another layer every half an hour if I feel the need; without system.

In this pinup - done for a challenge on conceptart.org - I made orderly layers for every object here, sometimes more layers if needed, for the details in the glass or the shelf. Collapsing layers whenever I could or else the background alone would be 3 or 4 layers.

Also I used the selection tool often. Now the edges look very clean and sharp, nothing I usually desire, but I allowed myself to leave it like this rather than going over everything again in the end.

This flatting or block-in method I learned from Anne, for whose comics I've been doing flats for over a year, now. I always thought this method was a bit too restricting to me, too far from traditional painting and only Hannes's shared .psd-files finally got me to use it.

first sketch in Sai

constructing a chair -_-'

doing a background sketch

background block-in, futile tries to do the hair, cutting off the hand, because something's wrong with it O_=, shading the skin (trying to use all the stuff I have learned)

another hairdo (looks too much like a wig), shading the apron, shoes, tray and wood (all painted, no textures)

And some Details at 100%. Wonky bottles. I didn't paint too large because my computer doesn't like large. For the same reason I used almost only standard brushes (edited default brushes).

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