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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

drawing and painting again

Today I have painted on the computer for the first time in weeks. It is so much fun, I just wish my shoulder wouldn't hurt like hell... This was done all on one layer... I love lilac. She (he?) doesn't seem to like it...

before I have drawn my part of the oh comic on the computer. Mainly because I didn't have the guts to do it in real inks. Secondly because the test results were ugly. I just can find the perfect combination of paper, ink and nib... but it turned out quite ok digitally.

a test inking on paper with nibs:

this is a page from the comic, drawn in pencils, inked digitally.

The script for the comic was written by screenwriter Christoph Mathieu, who usually writes for movies. It was his first comic script. I liked the cineastic descriptions and tried to make use of them in my pages.

You can find information on the comic book here (German only, sorry.) If you are interested, feel free to order one.


Stryke said...

your new painting looks delicious mate!!

Mayuko-san said...

Also die Dame oben (ich seh eine Dame ;)) ist wirklich toll, und ein bißchen gruselig XD

Und der Strip unten... ist irgendwie so ergreifend Ö__Ö
Ich mag es haben! <3 Geh gleich mal nachschauen :)