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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fränklin, my first animation short

Fränklin from Lew Bridcoe on Vimeo.

During my free time of three weeks in October I worked on my first animation film Fränklin.

Although some time passed since I finished the video, I still can't judge if it is any good.

When I started to make the first scenes, I didn't plan to do a 'whole' film at all. I just wanted to make my drawings move. I drew a simple and featureless character. I wanted to see if I can teach myself some animation... but after some days, my character evolved and I wanted it to become more and planned scenes until I even found a nice ending.

I made a .psd file for every scene, mostly drawing every single frame by hand, using copy and paste sometimes (the final film is made up from 1012 frames). Since I only had Photoshop, and no experience in layering animations, it isn't very elaborate to the eye, but it was very exhausting to draw it and this and the lack of a proper soundtrack kept me from starting a new thing ever since.

Here are some of the .psds, flatted and some stills.

And thus I depart to 2013 without '2012 legacies'. Mostly. I still got stuff I didn't get around organizing for the blog yet. Anyway! Happy New Year!

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